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How To Make An Outdoor Rug

By Rachel

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Last Updated on December 1, 2021 by Rachel Granholm

This tutorial will walk you through how to make an outdoor rug!

It is exciting to have an outdoor space at your home that is cozy and inviting. The beautiful spring and summer months are so fleeting, making it even more special to create a haven outside that can be enjoyed.

This tutorial on how to make an outdoor rug will help to enhance your outdoor space, so follow along and be inspired!

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Materials Needed


Step by Step Instructions

1. You will need a large, solid item to put down on the ground for the rug to lay on. 

I’ve had a large piece of plywood in my garage for years and it comes in handy for many projects! I laid that down first, then laid the rug on top of that. Having a solid item under the rug helps to be able to paint the edges of the rug without getting paint on the ground as well as keeping your roller free of debris.

2. Measure 8 inches in from the side. 

Using a tape measure and a pen, measure 8 inches in from the edge and draw a small line. Notice here how I am near a corner, so at the same time, just flip the tape measure down and measure up 8 inches from the bottom and connect those 2 lines together.

Now going off that small line you drew, use the tape measure to help you draw one long line along each side of the rug until you have a connected pen border all the way around. Tip: You can try to use painters tape for this, which I attempted, but it didn’t stick to the rug because of the ribbed texture. 

3. Start painting. 

Fill your paint tray and roll the roller through the paint. Start on any side of the rug and just follow the pen lines until you have a painted border on your rug!

Let that paint dry completely and then you can do a second coat if you see the need. I ended up doing 2 coats of blue because there were some blotchy spots. Again, let that paint dry completely before continuing.

4. Prepare the stencil paint. 

I just used a paper towel and put the paint right on there, but a paper plate would work as well. Stick the foam dobber straight down into the paint and dab off the excess.

5. Stencil a design in the middle. 

Place your stencil on the rug and push firmly over the design with the dobber.

Continue this process until you are satisfied with the look of your rug. You can do as few or as many patterns as you like! Tip: I ended up using 2 different colors of paint for the design. I used that green color and then the same blue from the border to tie it all together. Allow the paint to dry completely before moving it to avoid any smudges.

6. Style your new rug!

Display your pretty rug in your outdoor space and allow it to infuse joy into your days. Add some flowers or greenery in, a simple chair, and a small table and it’s the perfect little spot for your morning coffee or your evening happy hour!

I hope this encourages you to create an outdoor rug of your own and gets you outside to enjoy it. Be inspired!

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