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Antique and Vintage Estate Sale Finds

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021 by Rachel Granholm

Today’s post is all about antique and vintage estate sale finds!

The Setup

I was at my sister’s house a few weeks ago and there happened to be an estate sale going on a few blocks away. Whenever I see a sign for an estate sale, every inch of my antique loving soul gets super excited!

You never know what kinds of treasures await and the prices are usually extremely low. Plus, antique and vintage estate sale finds are typically one of a kind pieces, making your home feel special.

So, I dragged my sister along with me to go hunt for some old things. Join me as I give you a little history behind each of the antique and vintage estate sale finds I found and the very low price I paid for everything! Be inspired!

Antique and Vintage Estate Sale Finds

  1. Vintage Cross Stitch Picture
    I’ve been on the hunt for as many needlework pictures as I can find and this cute little picture was laying on a table just waiting for me! The flowers are so pretty for the spring and summer months and it really adds a pop of color to my dresser. Old needlework pieces like this one contain so much texture, adding such a playful element to any space.
  2. Fireplace Bellows

    My husband has been wanting a bellows for our fireplace for years. Old bellows have so much character; from the brass nails around the sides to the worn leather to the pretty wood tones on the handle and can be upwards of $60 at antique stores. This pair is a smaller version, seems to be in perfect condition, and looks beautiful hanging up on the mantel, ready for cozy fires.
  3. Blue and White German Pitcher

    I did one go around and missed this the first time. This pretty, floral pitcher is old! I can tell from the crazing marks and worn, dirty porcelain. It is marked ‘Made In Germany’ on the bottom with the number ‘8’ stamped in blue.
    I haven’t done any research as to the maker of this or where exactly in Germany it came from but I just couldn’t pass it up. I’m a sucker for blue and white porcelain and with German as my heritage, I knew this had to come home with me.
  4. Griffith’s Milk Glass Spice Jar

    These vintage spice jars usually come in sets of between 10-18 jars and can cost anywhere from $50- $120, sometimes more. Each set of these jars come with either black caps or red caps. Again, I missed this one on the first go around and spotted it coming back from the opposite direction.
    Unfortunately, there was only 1 of these jars to be found at the sale but that’s okay! This one happens to be the ‘Ginger’ spice jar and it still has the old label on the back which is super cool.

The Pricing

Now, sometimes when you go to estate sales, nothing is marked. That was the case at this sale. If you find some items, you can barter with the seller and make like a bundle deal. So, after finishing up I took all the things I found to the woman to pay and asked her how much she wanted for the 4 items. I was prepared to pay $25 for everything but she says “$8 for it ALL!” I couldn’t believe the stellar deal on these pretty old pieces for my home.

Some Tips for Shopping Estate Sales

Here are a few tips that I have learned for finding items and shopping estate sales:

  • Make at least 2 rounds of the sale, walking in the opposite direction that you came from the first time.
  • Dig! Dig in boxes, under piles, and move things around. You never know what treasure could be hiding under something else.
  • Offer a bundle deal to the seller if you find multiple items.
  • Go slowly. You don’t need to be in a hurry at estate sales. Take your time, looking high and low before moving on.
  • If you are able, go on the first day of the sale and get there early for the best selection.

Vintage Finds In Your Home

I hope you enjoyed reading about my antique and vintage estate sale finds! It is so fun for me to be able to share my love of old things with you and how you can incorporate them into your home. I encourage you to check out some estate sales this summer to find some treasures for your home or someone else’s.

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Let me know in the comments below if you have found anything at an estate sale recently or what you would be on the hunt for. I would love to hear about it!





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