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6 Creative Uses for Reclaimed Wood

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021 by Rachel Granholm

An old, dilapidated barn in an open field is one of the most peaceful scenes there is. I want to share with you 6 creative uses for reclaimed wood!

It could have been there for hundreds of years, a refuge for animals or crops and who knows what else! Many times those old barns lose their luster and fall down from years of wear, which then gifts us beautiful old wood full of patina and oozing with possibilities. There are many uses for reclaimed wood depending on what you are wanting to create for your space. Below are 6 creative uses for reclaimed wood in your home.

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  1. Reclaimed wood signs
    Signs are one of the easiest pieces to make using reclaimed wood and where you can let your creativity shine. You can find wood in any size to match what you would like your sign to say. Reclaimed wood signs go well in any area of your home and add an old patina type feel to your space. For example, if you wanted a sign in your kitchen it could say ‘mix’ or ‘bake’ or ‘pantry’. In the bathroom, a sign could say ‘wash’ or ’shower’. You could also create a welcome sign for your front step! You can see my tutorial for that here. The options are endless and can be extremely personalized for your needs. Reclaimed wood signs add character and charm to your home. Hang it in a place that will bring you a moment of joy each time you see it.
  2. Wall hooks

    This is another simple use for old wood! Choose an average size piece of old wood and sand it down until it is smooth and then you have the option to either paint it a color that you love or leave it raw.  You can then screw in any type of hook or knob that fits your style. You should be able to fit 4-5 knobs or hooks spaced evenly apart on your piece of wood. JoAnn Fabrics has a great selection of those and I’ve linked some examples for you to check out below:


    Scallop Knob
    Blue Glass Knob
    White Flower Knob
    Ceramic Gray Knob
    Delft Blue Knob


    Distressed White Hook
    Bronze Hook
    Cream Farmhouse Hook
    Gold Bird Hook
    You can use your hook rack as hooks for coats or hats, hooks to hang jewelry on, hooks for dog accessories like leashes or harnesses or use it in the kitchen to hang hot pads or mitts from. The beauty of this project is that you can mix and match, using different knobs or hooks on the same piece of wood and can really personalize it to what speaks to you. It is a unique and practical way to get some extra storage.

  3. Shiplap wall

    This idea is a bit more involved but will yield a beautiful result. My husband and I completed this project in our bedroom recently and it turned out so pretty. We actually used old fence wood for this project that my in-laws had in their backyard. I’m sure you have seen some very pretty home pictures on Pinterest that had actual shiplap in them but this idea is a bit more pocketbook friendly. Having an accent wall that is covered in old wood is cozy and creates a sense of that raw earthiness that you find in the forest.

  4. Ceilings

    Yet another more involved use for reclaimed wood is planking your ceilings with it. This use of old wood adds dimension and texture to your home. You could just do one room, such as your kitchen or living room or throughout your whole house. By incorporating old wood on your ceilings it creates a sense of cohesion throughout the space, like putting a bow on top of a present. It brings an aesthetically pleasing space together, creating one magical space. Farmhouse on Boone gives a great tutorial on how to complete this project (using plywood planks).

  5. Planter

    Another idea is to build a box planter for your patio or front porch. All you need to do for this is, using a hammer and nails or a screwdriver, build a box with a bottom using your reclaimed wood. The sizing for this planter box is really up to you and the space that you have. Attach a plastic liner on the inside for drainage and fill with potting soil and flowers! If you don’t have a green thumb you could fill it with faux greenery by sticking the branches into a cube of floral foam. The wood and the greens really complement each other and make for a beautiful statement as it welcomes guests into your home!

  6. Fireplace

    Lastly, old wood looks stunning planked on a fireplace and chimney. This instantly adds character and texture to your room and transforms it into a warm, cozy space. The wood planks on a fireplace creates an effect of height, drawing your eye up and making the room feel larger. To create a unique and almost dramatic feel, try painting it a color other than white such as black, dark grey, or navy blue.

There you have it! 6 creative uses for reclaimed wood, each unique in its own way. Using old wood in your home is such an easy way to ground your space, creating one cohesive area. The wood element brings in a peaceful feeling, filling your home with tranquility. Be inspired to create and happy woodworking!

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Let me know in the comments below how you would use old wood in your home!

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