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Vintage Seltzer Bottles In Your Home

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021 by Rachel Granholm

Vintage seltzer bottles in your home are fizzy. Sparkling. Refreshing.

If you’re like me and can’t get enough of fizzy and flavored water, then this post is going to speak to you! I hope you find inspiration here for using vintage seltzer bottles in your home!

These bottles are enjoyable, pretty, and will work well with any decor. Seltzer bottles, also known as soda siphon bottles, are glass bottles with a siphon that would dispense carbonated liquid, typically water. Sometimes the bottles came pre-filled with water, but with the adding of a carbonation cartridge, the bottle could be refilled to carbonate more water. These bottles and this method of carbonating water became common in homes, bars and soda fountains starting in the late 1800’s.

Companies in many different countries produced Seltzer Bottles.

Small and large bottling companies such as Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush, and Coca Cola produced these bottles in a range of colors. The most common colors included blue, green, brown and clear. The clear ones typically had a stylish mesh over them.

Although seltzer and its carbonation effects were extremely popular in Europe in the 1700’s, the siphon was invented by Deleuze and Dutillet in 1829. The hollow corkscrew design was meant to help users release only the amount of carbonated water they needed, leaving the rest of the water under high enough pressure so that it didn’t go flat. Some bottling companies, like Coca Cola, made flavored syrups, which were sold at soda fountains. The server would use a seltzer bottle to add carbonated water to the flavored syrup for a yummy, fizzy treat.

What are seltzer bottles worth?

As for the value of seltzer bottles, the color, company, makers mark, year, rarity and condition all play a factor. Typically, the bottles country of origin will help you decide if the bottle is vintage or not, since countries produced specific colors at specific times. As an example, most American made bottles are clear and most bottles produced in Argentina are blue or green. Pink and red are extremely rare. The bottles come in many shapes and sizes and are very durable, built to withstand the pressure from the carbonation.

Seltzer Bottles In Your Home

Seltzer bottles are exciting to collect and display because of their sensational colors!
Here are some ideas to try in your space:

  •  display your collection in a window-when the sunlight comes through them it is magical!
  •  they make a great addition to a bar
  •  display a couple in your bathroom
  • fill them with sea glass or white pebbles
  • turn one or a few into a vintage light fixture!
  • varying heights can make for a pretty centerpiece across a long dining table
  • fill them with solar powered string lights for a pretty addition to your patio or deck

Vintage seltzer bottles in your home can add fizz to a dull space.

They provide both color and texture and are great conversation starters. Carve out some time to go perusing for these beautiful vintage seltzer bottles because it is so worth it.

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Let me know in the comments below where you would display vintage seltzer bottles!

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