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The Beauty of Vintage Jadeite

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 11, 2021 by Rachel Granholm

The beauty of vintage Jadeite…you spot it from across the store, that creamy green color in all it’s beauty.

It’s like the colors of the ocean and the forest mixed together that create this one-of-a-kind green. This beautiful thing is called Jadeite!

Whether your decor is farmhouse, mid-century modern, rustic, or anything in between, Jadeite adds a touch of fancy and will look beautiful in any space in your home. Follow along as I teach you the history behind Jadeite, what to look for when searching for this precious antique, and how you can incorporate this pretty green into your home. Let’s learn all about the beauty of vintage Jadeite!

Created in the 1930’s, Jadeite was used for all sorts of household uses, but it’s most common uses were kitchenware and dish ware.

It became popular during the Victorian era, fell out out of popularity for awhile while clear glassware had its time, then became incredibly loved during World War 2 when glass companies saw that it could be a stylish and affordable option for the public. Besides the green color being so popular, the durability of Jadeite was also a major selling point. It was made to withstand high temperatures and built to last, another reason why it is still fashionable. Today it is quite trendy and can be found in abundance at thrift stores, antique shops, estate sales, and garage sales.

It wasn’t always a collector’s favorite like it is today. Jadeite was first created to be regular, utilitarian dish ware for an everyday kitchen. The green color was added later to the existing glass formulas to add a bit of joy to people’s lives during the Great Depression. The glass makers hoped that the bright burst of green would help cheer people up and, turns out, they were right!

Brands of Jadeite

To purist collectors, vintage Jadeite is mainly American-made from one of three companies; McKee, Jeannette, or Anchor Hocking. Some collectors only collect pieces from these American companies. Others are okay with different glass makers as long as they are American made. What’s great about collecting Jadeite is that pretty much anything goes!

McKee Glass Company

In 1932, Pennsylvania based glass company, McKee, found that by adding green glass scraps to their popular milk glass formula, they could create a stunning shade of green. They called one shade “Skokie” and the other “Jade”, both popular collectibles today. Look for their makers’ mark, McK.  Since the company didn’t have any formal quality control, you will find these pieces in many different shades of green. The McKee range sets and canisters are favorites from the Jadeite collection.

Jeannette Glass

In the 1930’s, another glass company by the name of Jeannette, released its version of Jadeite, aptly named “Jadite”. Early Jeannette Jadite pieces are marked with the letter ‘J’ in a triangle. Jeannette made spice jars and vintage shakers as well as common kitchen ware.

Anchor Hocking

Later, Anchor Hocking came along, the glassware company that created Fire King and is still in existence today. Anchor Hocking produced it’s own Jadeite line called “Jade-ite”. Their version of green glass included Restaurant ware, a hard to find piece and very beloved by collectors. Jade-ite bowls include the beaded mixing bowls and batter bowls, plus the collection’s coffee mugs, dish ware, and butter dishes. Fire King patterns to look for include Jane Ray, Alice, and Charm and Shell. The makers’ mark for these pieces is the signature Fire-King Oven Ware logo.

Identifying Vintage Jadeite

Knowing the glass makers’ marks is extremely helpful, as mentioned above. When you are out searching for Jadeite, an easy way to compare older vs. newer pieces is by the weight of the piece. Older pieces are heavier and more compact. Also, McKee and Jeannette pieces contained uranium. Prior to World War 2 it was common to use uranium in dish ware and other household items. When the war started, they needed uranium for weaponry and was an abundant resource at the time. Uranium glows when lit up with a black light, which is an easy way to discern pre- World War 2 pieces from the rest.

Why Jadeite?

Jadeite was literally made to make people happy!  What could be a happier reason to collect Jadeite than that? Whether it is knowing that each piece is American made, the nostalgia it brings, or simply the gorgeous milky green color, Jadeite is made for everyone and anyone. You can let it add joy to your home and give it new life by including it on your journey.

hobnail glass collection on a picture rail

Jadeite In Your Home

Kitchenware is the most common type of Jadeite but it can also be found as lamps, furniture, jewelry, hardware, and much more! Even though kitchenware is the most popular, you don’t have to confine Jadeite to just the kitchen area. Many collectors display their Jadeite in hutches as well as in other areas around their homes.
Here are some other ideas to try to find the beauty of Jadeite:

  • Group pieces together on a shelf in the living room. You can even try mixing your Jadeite pieces with vintage milk glass or Flow Blue pieces!
  • Jadeite cake stands are stunning and are beautiful pieces to use as fruit stands or to hold baked goods in the kitchen.
  • Pitchers make for unique vases for faux or fresh flowers.
  • Jadeite knobs will instantly transform a piece of old furniture.
  • Switch out traditional glass drink ware in your kitchen for Jadeite drinking glasses.
  • For a larger project, you can find beautiful Jadeite bathtubs, tiles, and pedestal sinks to up your bathroom game!
  • Sugar bowls make for cute storage on a bathroom counter to hold rings, jewelry, or hair clips.
  • Jadeite glass hens can hold salt, sugar, or dipping sauces in the kitchen.
  • A pair of Jadeite candlesticks instantly fancies up your dining table!
  • Use some Jadeite canisters as pots for plants.

Jadeite is cheerful and elegant, all wrapped up in a vintage package.

The pretty green color creates a feeling of ease in your home. My hope is that you are inspired to yearn for that sense of joy that Jadeite was intended to bring. Find the beauty of Jadeite!

signature from The Antiqued Journey

Let me know in the comments below how you would use Jadeite in your home!

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