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Montana Road Trip Antique Finds

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021 by Rachel Granholm

I want to share with you all my Montana road trip antique finds!

It was so exciting to antique my way through Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana! Each antique store that I went to was unique and it was fun to look at so many different things. Join me as I walk you through my Montana road trip antique finds!

Antique Home Decor Finds

Copper Bowl
vintage copper bowl with loop handle

This bowl is my favorite find of the whole trip. I’ve been on the hunt for a copper bowl to add my collection and I found it for $14 at an antique mall in Bozeman, Montana! It is so beautiful. The small dents, age markings, and green patina give it so much character. I love how it has a small handle near the top, adding to the charm of the bowl and makes it perfect for hanging. There is something about the shape of this bowl that I really can’t explain…this bowl makes me feel something in a very good way.
vintage inside patina of copper bowl

I already had a spot picked out for it before leaving home, so knowing exactly where it was going to go in my home made it that much more exciting to find. This pretty bowl now hangs underneath my vintage copper pot next to the kitchen sink. It brings me back to Montana each time I look at it and, somehow, this bowl reminds me about the simplicity of life.

Linen Tablecloth
embroidered fall table linen

There was a small section in a booth at an amazing antique mall in Alexandria, Minnesota that was all fall decor. It was such a cute booth and this linen tablecloth was underneath a bunch of other items. I almost missed it but one of the embroidered flowers caught my eye at the last minute! It was around $9 which is a super great price for a linen in perfect condition.
vintage embroidered fall table linen

This is such a pretty piece to use in my home for ushering in the fall season. The oat color of the linen itself is a perfect transition from the all white linens I’ve been using. I’m excited to use this new tablecloth on my dining room table and pair it with some fall florals and wood accents.

Copper Teapot
vintage copper teapot on vintage linen

Once again, another copper teapot to add to my collection! This teapot was in the basement of the same antique mall as the linen tablecloth but it was hanging from the ceiling! Usually these pots are not hanging up like that so it took me by surprise.
vintage copper teapot with porcelain handle

This teapot is unlike any other that I’ve come across because it has these scalloped-like indents all the way around. It was listed for $15 which I won’t normally pay and usually find these for under $10. I did ask up front if they would take $12 for it but it was a firm price. I was okay paying the full price for it anyways due to the unique details on it. I’m extremely happy to have this copper teapot in my collection. Copper is such a pretty color and my collection of copper brings warmth into my home.

Wooden Spice Box
vintage wooden spice box

I’ve been searching for a spice box with drawers for over a year! There have been many pretty ones but the pricing on spice boxes is crazy. I’ve not found one for under $60 until now! This beautiful piece was in the basement of a different antique mall in Alexandria, Minnesota and was priced at $22. I instantly took it off the wall and carried it around with me the rest of the time because no one was taking this from me!
vintage wooden spice keep

When you are out at an antique store, think about how else you could use a piece that you love but aren’t sure where you would put it. You would think this spice box would be used in the kitchen, right? My brain had a whole different idea for it. As soon as I saw this spice box I knew it was going to hang on my bathroom wall for storage. For one, I have been wanting to add more wood tones to my bathroom so it doesn’t feel so white. And two, my bathroom counter was feeling too cluttered.
vintage wooden spice box with drawers

This spice box settles both of those issues! Now I have all my little bathroom items like hair clips, pony tail binders, q-tips, chapstick, etc…put away in all those cute drawers and the wood tone of it is striking against the white wall. I’m completely in love with it.

Copper Pot with Porcelain Handles
vintage copper bowl with two porcelain handles

This pot was an unexpected find. I found it right around the corner from the spice box and it was only $5! That’s like a thrift store price! A few months ago I found a larger one of these copper pots at a thrift store and I think I paid around $7 for that one, so finding a smaller one for $5 was an amazing deal.

I’ve added this copper handled pot to my collection in the kitchen. I’m playing around with the idea of adding some greenery to it and may end up putting a small fern or trailing green in this pot as well as the larger one.
vintage handled copper bowl with pedestal

The beauty about copper is that you can use it in many different ways. Play around with any collection that you may have. See what you like and feels the most like your style. Changing your collections up often and playing around with your decor keeps your mind, as well as your home, creative and fresh!

Vintage Linen Picture
vintage linen in a rustic frame

Look how pretty! I found this framed linen for only $15 at an antique mall in Moorhead, Minnesota. The contrast between the rustic wood frame and the femininity of the embroidered linen is what really spoke to me.
framed linen close up view

I’ve never seen anything like this before and knew it would bring in a charming elegance of sorts to a long hallway in my home. I may try changing out the linen seasonally if it’s not too difficult to get the backing off. When you see something that automatically speaks to you and is unlike anything you already have, buy it! You walked into it’s path for a reason!

Wooden Coffee Scoop

This last item is not antique OR vintage but I had to share it with you. Right as we pulled into Bozeman after being on the road for over 7 hours there was an art fair going on in the park just outside of the main street. My husband and I had gone to this same art fair 4 years ago and I remembered it having the prettiest pieces from local artists.
wooden coffee scoop

We decided to park and go check it out quick since it was ending that evening. Many artists were already taking their booths down but we meandered through slowly because it felt so good to be out of the car!

In the last booth that we checked out was where I found this adorable, handmade wooden coffee scoop. The guy that created it had so many beautiful items and I couldn’t walk away without it…it was the last one that he had left so I knew it was meant for me!
coffee station on antique cutting board

My kitchen will never be able to have it’s own coffee bar area, but I created this little spot on the counter using my antique pig board. That now holds our coffee, tea, french press, and my new coffee scoop. It makes me happy and I love it.


I hope these Montana road trip antique finds inspired you today! Creating a beautiful home that is unique and special to you is incredibly rewarding. You never know what’s out there waiting for you, so go have an adventure.

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Comment below and let me know which of these finds is your favorite!

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5 Comments. Leave new

  • Hi Rachel: I should send you a picture of my copper/brass pot I found in Sarajevo. The brass has faded and it’s now mostly copper. I have it atop my fridge and every time I look at it, I think of my trip to war-torn Sarajevo and how I picked out this special pot to carry back as a memento. I know Alexandria has many great antique shops; you should check out Crosby, MN, too. There are great finds.

    Please help me understand how to display our collections and give equal attention to each of them. I have many great things (our house is really small with limited display space) but I need to find a way to rotate them so they are fresh to me. I take things out and put them away, but maybe there is a fresh way to showcase our finds so that they give new delight each day?

    Thanks for the blog!

  • Paula Biessener
    August 27, 2021 2:44 pm

    I can feel your happiness Rachel.

  • Rachel Granholm
    August 27, 2021 3:55 pm

    Thanks mom!

  • Rachel Granholm
    August 27, 2021 4:14 pm

    Hello Marilyn!
    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today! I will have to check out Crosby…my husband and I have friends that live in Baxter so next time we are up there I will check it out!

    I think one of the coolest things about antiques is that when we bring them home, they get to live on in our journey now. They carry precious memories of where and how we found each piece, like you stated.

    My home is also small with limited space to display all my pieces. I have had to come up with creative solutions in order to display everything in a creative way. I don’t necessarily switch out my displays often but rather change them up. Like I will add in faux stems or greenery and switch those out by season. I will show you what I do for fall decor here in a few weeks but I incorporate faux pumpkins and things like that within my vintage displays, same thing for Christmas.
    I will sometimes too rotate things around and pair other pieces together, like pairing my enamelware and copper together on a shelf for awhile.
    I guess my best advice is to play around with things. I only have out what I truly enjoy at the moment. If it’s just like ‘okay’ to me, I will put that away for awhile and try something else.
    I will try and do an extensive blog post about this in the future…but I hope that helps and might bring you some new inspiration.
    Thanks for your support, it truly means so much to me. Have a great day!

  • Wow, Rachel! I love the treasures you pricked up! Soon you’ll need a proper farmhouse to display everything!❤️


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