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Montana Road Trip Adventure

By Rachel

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021 by Rachel Granholm

Today’s post is fun and a little different! I want to share all about my Montana road trip adventure!

I wanted to give you a little glimpse into my life outside of what you see on the day to day posts. This blog is a little different than what you are used to seeing from me.

at an antique store in Billings, Montana

This is me digging through linens at a massive antique mall in Billings, Montana!

I still hope you find inspiration here today to go on an adventure of your own. Read on for beautiful pictures and snippets of my Montana road trip adventure!

an old worn log cabin in the mountains

A very worn log cabin in the mountains near Big Sky, Montana.

The Backstory

The Big Sky area of Montana is a very special place for me as well as my husband. He lived there way back when, before he met me, and learned to fly fish on the Gallatin River. The second trip that we took to this same area is where I first casted a fly rod and was hooked on fly fishing immediately.

We hadn’t been out to Montana in over 4 years so this trip was like a homecoming of sorts. It felt amazing to pull into Bozeman after driving for 2 days and smelling the fresh mountain air. You know when something means so much to you it basically brings you to tears? That is this river for me. It is such a special place.

grassy meadow with waterfalls on the Gallatin River

One of my favorite parts on the Gallatin River where the waterfalls trickle down the meadow.

The Antique Adventure

My husband and I drove out so we were able to stop at many antique stores along the way! We probably stopped at at least 10 antique stores between Minnesota and Montana. A few super awesome cities to stop for antiques are Alexandria, MN, Billings, MT, and Bozeman, MT. I will have an antique haul coming soon on all the pretty treasures I found on this trip!

antique market in Bozeman MT

An antique market just outside Bozeman, Montana.

A tip that I learned while on this trip was to go into every antique store with an open mind. Each store is so different and holds many unique items. Sometimes the store might not look like much from the outside but go in and look anyways! Those are the ones that usually tend to hold the best vintage pieces for very reasonable prices.

The Fishing Adventure

Something you may not know about me is that I am an avid fly fisher. It’s a hobby that I got into about 4 years ago on a whim after purchasing a hot pink fly rod. My first time actually fly fishing for trout was on the Gallatin River a few months after buying that fly rod. It’s a hobby that brings me immense peace in this crazy and mixed up world.

cutthroat trout in the gallatin river

A beautiful Cutthroat Trout out of the Gallatin River!

On this recent trip, my husband and I fished over 30 hours in 5 days. Due to the drought and the high water temperatures, the fishing was extremely tough. It took me almost 3 days to land and net a fish when typically you can catch multiple fish within an hour or two. The river tested me on every level but I am grateful for the 2 fish that it did give me!

fishing on the Gallatin River

The river is a place where I can truly feel at ease.

Fly fishing is anything but easy. It constantly tests me mentally and physically but the reward is so great. We walked miles of river in search of good, fishable water. The rocks in the river are slippery and I fell a few times and got blisters on my feet from walking so far in wading boots. Yet the river didn’t want me to give up and I’m so happy I kept fishing even when it was difficult.

fly fishing in the canyon

Fishing in the canyon section of the Gallatin River.

On this recent trip we brought another couple with us. He is a good friend of my husband and had been wanting to learn how to fly fish. We brought him out with us on the first day and taught him the ropes of fishing on the river.

Each day we kept hoping he would land a trout to know what the tug on the end of the line feels like. No fish for days until the very last evening he hooked into a beautiful Rainbow Trout! Mission accomplished. Our friend now understands why we love fly fishing so much. My husband and I feel grateful to be able to pass on that love and passion to someone else, carrying on a legacy of sorts.

sun on the Gallatin River

A beautiful morning on the Gallatin River.

So why do it? Once I caught my first trout, that feeling of a fish on the end of my fly rod was all it took to be completely hooked. Fly fishing is such a gift. It keeps me in the present moment and gives me the opportunity to be surrounded by the grounding sense of nature. The river teaches me patience, persistence, and what it means to be humbled.

fly fishing in Montana

A chilly but sunny morning on the river!

It connects my husband and I together too in a way that many couples don’t have. When it’s just the two of us on a long stretch of river and there is no one else around for miles, it’s a very spiritual experience. I feel extremely lucky to be able to share this fly fishing passion with him.

The Adventure Continues

Now that I am back from a week away, I am making an effort to find the present moment every time I am feeling anxious or worried in the day to day. Nature teaches you many things if you just stop and listen. Every time I can pull myself back into being present now rather than stuck in my head, I am doing what the river teaches me.

Also, I am eager to display my new antique pieces from this trip! My copper collection is growing quickly and there are some pretty new linens to find places for. Every time I have larger antique hauls it gives me the opportunity to redecorate and refresh my house and donate other things that I no longer need. It’s a winning combination!


a montana sunset

Montana sunsets are simply awe inspiring.

I hope this blog today inspires you to seek out a hobby that brings you joy and peace. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Maybe it’s simply a morning cup of coffee on the deck or going for a walk and listening to the birds. It could be wandering through your favorite antique shop with an iced coffee. This world is noisy and so overwhelming. May you find an adventure that grounds you and lets you be in the present moment. Thank you for joining me on this Montana road trip adventure!

Let me know in the comments below an antique store from your area that is full of goodies!

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