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Journey Jots #31

By Rachel

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Welcome to Journey Jots #31!

In each weekly recap, I’ll share some of my most recent posts, favorite finds or things I’m currently shopping for, and an assemblage of home decor tips and encouraging content from other creators. Settle in and join me for Journey Jots #31!

journey jots #31

Journey Jots #31

Hello, guys! Hope you are well!

I cannot believe we are already at Memorial Day weekend…where did the Spring go?! Really, this weekend marks the beginning of the Summer. Do you have any fun plans for the next few days?

We’re going to enjoy an extra day off tomorrow and spend some time with Molly!

Let me know what you have planned in the comments!

whispy grass in a field

Also, I shared it on socials last week but Rent.com featured me in their recent article! In it, I share simple ways of styling milk glass for Summer. I’m super thrilled and, truly, really grateful for being a part of it. You can check it out here!

Life Lately

It was a very busy week with lots going on! Good things, fun things…but the days just seem to FLY by. One minute it’s 7 AM and the next thing ya know it’s 3! So weird.

From now through Fall, hubby and I like to do one long bike ride per weekend.

So, last weekend, we took our bikes out to a really big lake about 25 minutes to the west of us and rode an amazing bike trail through the woods. The trail hugs the lake the whole time with some incredible homes nestled all along it. It was like a home tour the entire 20 miles…so fun!!

There were also some neat bridge crossings that went over small channels from the lake.

biking over lake Minnetonka

We had a crazy rain storm the other night and BOY did it RAIN! Our patio flooded because we got like 3 inches of rain in about 2 hours. But, it dried out and I used the leaf blower to get all of the debris off of it.

However, Tilly does NOT like thunderstorms. At all. The place where she feels the safest is in the hall bathroom. So, we put a blanket on the floor and I sat with her, on the floor of the bathroom. After about 45 minutes, my butt got numb…that is not a comfortable place to sit for a long period of time. But I do it for her so that’s all that matters 🙂

Tilly on a blanket

Last weekend, we checked a house project off the list that we’ve been wanting to do for like 2 years…new pavers off of our patio!

My parents’ neighbor was getting rid of a bunch of pavers at no cost. So, we went and picked up the amount needed.

The best part? This whole project cost us $0! The pavers were obviously free and we already had a bag of sand in the garage so…a home project complete for no money spent?! I’ll take it!

And, I LOVE the look of them. These pretty pavers give the whole patio a fresh, modern feel!

new pavers on a patio

Lastly, this munchkin turns ONE on Wednesday!! Many of you have seen Molly grow from the very beginning and are just as invested in her as I am as her auntie.

I cannot believe she is already one! That year went so fast. She is a ray of sunshine, always so happy, and I just adore her.

Happy, happy birthday, sweet girl! I love you SO much.

Molly sitting in a basket

Favorite Weekly Shopping Finds- Beauty Products

On the Blog-Journey Jots #31

Last week, on Thursday, I shared a brand new post all about creative ideas to decorate with vintage glass jars! The possibilities are endless with these old jars…come see 6 unique ways of using them.

vintage blue jars with ferns

The Patriotic holidays are upon us. In this post, patriotic decorating with vintage enamelware, you will find super simple ways of incorporating vintage red, white, and blue decor on a budget!

vintage enamelware styled in a vignette on a credenza

And, in this post, vintage patriotic hutch decor ideas, you will find thrifty ideas for styling a hutch and beyond for our American holidays!

patriotic hutch decor with vintage and thrifted items

Coming Up on The Antiqued Journey

This coming week I’ll be sharing the latest post in the Thrifted Goodies series! I’ve found some amazing things over the past month that I can’t wait to share with you. Then, in a few weeks, come back to see how to use blue and white transferware for Summer decorating.

Lots of super fun content coming your way. Be sure you are subscribed to my e-mail so you are the first to know about new posts and merchandise updates!

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Closing Tidbits for Journey Jots #31

Thank you so much for being here and joining me for journey jots #31! I love sharing a little bit of my daily life with you. Have a lovely week ahead!

Sustainable Living Tip of the Week: Try making the switch to using laundry strips rather than buying plastic bottled laundry soap. The strips work just the same and help to eliminate the use of plastic!

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  • I agree Rachel, time is flying by too fast!! I can’t believe Memorial Day weekend has come and gone and summer is here! Have fun at Molly’s birthday party and enjoy the week!

  • I am so with you, Rachel, it is blowing my mind we’re almost to June! I love that you guys give yourselves something fun to look forward to each weekend with a bike ride. The scenery you share is always so gorgeous. Can’t wait to hear how Molly’s birthday party goes and great job on the pavers too. They look amazing! As you know my sweet Piper has horrible anxiety so anytime we know a storm is coming we draw the blackout curtains, turn on the fans in the bathroom and on the stove too. She can still hear and feel the energy from the thunder but it helps that the sound is muffled and she’s not triggered by the lightening. Hope this helps! Big hugs, CoCo

    • Rachel Granholm
      May 30, 2024 2:22 pm

      Right?! It’s crazy!
      Thank you! yes…it’s a super fun thing that we always look forward to and is sometimes a big challenge but so fun nonetheless.
      I usually turn on the sound machine to help drown out the thunder and rain noises but great idea to turn on the bathroom fan!!! I’ll do the next time. Thanks, friend!


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