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Antique Coffee Grinders As Home Decor Pieces

By Rachel

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Today you are going to learn how to use antique coffee grinders as home decor pieces!

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is; the smell of coffee is so comforting and brings about very cozy feelings and is a universal element that brings people together. What could be better than that? But did you also know you can absolutely use antique coffee grinders as home decor pieces?

Today we’re talking about the history of coffee grinders, how they were used, and how you can use them in your home today. Be inspired as you read about antique coffee grinders as home decor pieces.

The earliest coffee grinders weren’t even coffee grinders at all!

The ancient Egyptians as well as the ancient Ethiopians used a mortar and pestle to grind coffee beans down into powder. The fifteenth century was when the first spice grinder was invented, which was also used for grinding coffee. The first coffee mill that was sold exclusively for grinding coffee is claimed to be invented in 1665 by an Englishman named Nicolas Book.
Coffee grinders were popular in homes and stores across the world and there were three main types that were used.

  1. Wheel Grinder
    These coffee presses were made out of cast iron with two grinding wheels. They were initially designed to be used as floor models in the 1870’s. Models with a single wheel were patented a few years earlier. Both types of wheel grinders are popular and highly collectible in today’s market.
  2.  Box Grinder
    These are large wooden boxes that were the most commonly found on the counters of many country stores during the late 1800’s. They grind the coffee beans by turning the crank that is either on the top or the side of the box. There is a drawer on the bottom of the box that catches and stores the coffee grounds, which can hold a pound of coffee!
  3.  Wall Mount
    These coffee grinders were popular from the late 1800’s through the 1970’s. They came in a variety of styles including ceramic, cast iron, glass, and wood.

The value of antique coffee grinders depends on some factors including the type of grinder, the condition, and the model. You can find grinders at antique stores today for under $50 and upwards of hundreds, even thousands, for floor mount models from the 1800’s.

Antique Coffee Grinders In Your Home

Antique coffee grinders are oozing with character and look impressive as a large collection on a wall or a shelf. By adding an antique coffee grinder to your kitchen decor, you are bringing in an ‘old-time’ feel, like walking into an old country store.
a west germany porcelain wall mount coffee grinder

They add nostalgia and a sense of earthiness to your home. With so many different kinds to choose from, you will be able to find one that speaks to you and that you will love for years to come. I hope this encourages you to consider using antique coffee grinders as home decor pieces.

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How would you use antique coffee grinders in your home? I would love to know, comment below!

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